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Denver Post

Landlubbers, grab an oar and get a Viking workout
On a lake or out, it's a full-body exercise

Pura Vida uses the Indo-Row machine, a recent advance in rowing technology that, on a small scale, actually involves water resistance. It's not quite like rowing with the Harvard crew on the Charles River, but it's still nifty.

The Denver Post (http://www.denverpost.com/fitness/ci_16237329#ixzz11QW6Z19R)
Fitness Business News

"Accreditation by ACE and AFAA lends credibility to rowing as an indoor fitness activity... no other activity produces full-body results in such an non-invasive, smooth and low-impact fashion."
Club Solutions Magazine

Engineered to the highest commercial specifications, the M1 achieves and extraordinary blend of form, function and design. To view article click here.
Commercial Appeal.com

At the InsideOut Gym in Midtown, members are being introduced to the latest in rowing equipment with six new WaterRowers, machines that mimic rowing on water.

InsideOut is the only health club in Memphis with the WaterRowers and the only gym to offer this kind of group rowing class. "I joined the gym especially for these," said John Doyle, 47, of East Memphis, the executive director of the Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum.

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EastBay RI News

Rowing can be a wonderful aerobic exercise that works up to 84% of the muscle mass, involves no impact or load on joints and provides relaxation. ...one of the smoothest and most realistic rowers on the market... The WaterRower has been listed as a Consumer Digest Magazine "best buy" product.
Denver Post

Rowing is said to use more energy than any other aerobic activity, in part because it involves more than 80 percent of the body's muscle mass, compared with the 50 percent used for running. But not everyone can live near a river or a lake, so it's nice to know that the same movements can be reproduced indoors on a machine.

The WaterRower, simulates the feel, the look and even the sound of the real thing. It boats a swirling, water-filled flywheel that rotates with each pull of the "oars" plus a natural wood frame than evokes the traditional milieu of boating.
LA Times

Wooden water-resistance that gets out of the way fast.

Immerses you in a feeling of real rowing. The water resistance produces a quiet, toilet-bowlish "whoosh" that is smooth and soothing. A nylon strap helps make the machine more natural and quiet than the rattling, chain-driven Concept2. Very space-efficient storage; lifts up and sets on end in seconds, with a tiny 4-square-foot footprint. Very comfy, padded, oval handle. Good monitor data.
Men's Journal

More so than running or biking, rowing delivers a superior full-body workout. WaterRower's unique water-filled "flywheel" delivers a realistic rowing feel by adjusting resistance automatically.

Four Star Rating
Barrons Magazine - - Gadget of the Week

If you to to invest in only one piece or exercise equipment - and sorry, a reclining chair with a lever doesn't count - the best choice might well be a rowing machine. Few other workouts call on so many muscle masses at one time. The machines are also fun; Close your eyes and you'll soon be gliding along on a pristine lake. That's especially so with models from WaterRower... The action, which closely simulates the dynamics of real rowing, is remarkably smooth. Admired by trainers, WaterRowers are built well and look great - handsome blends of classic wood and modern technology.
Sports Illustrated

The WaterRower’s “mechanism moves horizontally in a tank containing three to five gallons of water, producing a more even stroke. Its sliding seat, like a racing shell’s, has support in all four corners, which eliminates wobble. The result: a smoother workout that’s more like rowing on a lake than on the North Atlantic, accompanied by the soothing sound of rushing water.”
Men’s Health

“Rowing, like cross-country skiing, gives an excellent aerobic workout and this machine is the Rolls-Royce of rowers..” The WaterRower scored 5 out of 5 in a review of exercise equipment.
The Mail on Sunday

“If I was going to have one at home this would be it. It looks attractive not like a gym instrument of torture. It has a water resistance flywheel and the swooshing of water is a pleasant, relaxing sound. The rowing action is really smooth - as good as on the Concept II. It’s also very low maintenance.”
The Sunday Times

“This is one of the most stylish pieces of home-fitness equipment. The unique WaterFlywheel creates the sound of lapping waves, giving you the impression that you really are on the river…Verdict: excellent.”
Financial Times

“Rowing is one of the best forms of exercise there is and the WaterRower emulates the same physical dynamics as rowing, thus not only giving aerobic benefit but also similar pleasure…”

“Such is the appeal of these machines that they boast owners as diverse as Steven Spielberg, Princess Anne and Larry Mullen of U2… Unlike other rowing machines which use air resistance, the WaterRower uses, well, water, contained in a large transparent drum… Working on it was a joy because the sound of the water gurgling was really pleasant. I could imagine I was actually doing it, out on the water. It’s stable and easy to store…”
The Daily Telegraph

“Looks good, and is solid and comfortable… It pulls nicely and has a really smooth action…”
Ultrafit Magazine

“The machine bowled me over when I first saw it. For a start it has a beautiful hardwood finish of ash - with walnut and cherrywood also available to order. Surely, serious fitness machines aren’t meant to look this good are they?… its best feature is simply its feel, which is the closest experience I’ve come across using a machine to actually rowing on the water. In fact, I would rate it even smoother than the Concept II….”
GQ Active - by Steven Redgrave (Four time Olympic Gold Medallist)

“Smooth and very comfortable to use, with a nice pick-up. The machine looks great.. It’s easy to move around, and even easier to store away - it’s one compact unit and can be stored upright…”
Health & Fitness

“Lovely to look at, good design in that it maintains the same level of resistance throughout the movement so you get maximum effect out of each pull. Feels very similar to real rowing due to the water drum and makes a gentle rhythmic slooshing sound..”
The Evening Standard

“The WaterRower is the latest ‘must have’ piece of gym equipment…altogether a nicer, smoother movement than the jerk-heave-pull-back motion familiar to anyone who habitually rows in a gym on those waterless machines”
The Mail on Sunday

“The quiet WaterFlywheel reproduces the natural motion of rowing on water and the computerized programmes make it suitable for use by anyone, of any age..”